Friday, June 20, 2014

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog – a blog that is intended to be a good spot for entrepreneurs to present and respond to issues involving entrepreneurship. Along the way, I will present useful information as well as ask stimulating questions to seed discussions centered on a range of issues. The blog is focused on providing serious and responsive answers and solutions from me as well as the other experienced entrepreneurs and business people of the world who may choose to contribute.

This is my first blog and while I haven’t decided on an exact style yet, that may be just fine as in the final analysis my goal is to facilitate discussion, provide my own two-cents (which occasionally may be worth a nickel), and  assist entrepreneurs as they navigate through the turbulent waters of “entrepreneurship." However, the collective interests of the participants in this blog will be my ultimate guide.

The goals of the blog are the same as for my book to be published on in September 2014; that is help an entrepreneur:
(1)    Achieve his/her vision.
(2)    Maximize her/his enterprise’s value and return on investment.
(3)    Achieve results efficiently and preserve the equity of founders.
(4)    Avoid catastrophic pitfalls.
(5)    Minimize stress and uncertainty inherent in the entrepreneurial processes.

I will be working on blog content over the next few weeks, but until I publish more, please feel free to ask questions.
My author web site,,  will be up by mid-July, perhaps sooner.
You can also find out more about me on LinkedIn: and Twitter @Rocky_R_Arnold.